2 Facts For Scalping

Over the years I’ve tried tons of different scalping systems, and to be honest lots of them work.
While testing them I became aware of the 2 facts that STOP scalpers from ending up profitable.
These key points and MY SOLUTION are the difference between staying as a losing scalper and becoming a winning scalper.

#1 Super Super Tight Spreads- Like ZERO

When you are a scalper you are in and out of the market fast, sometimes with just a few points.
You WILL LOSE if you don’t use a broker that welcomes scalpers or gives you zero spreads.

#2 Disciple and Focus

You are scalping and you need no distractions. Find a quiet place to put your PC, and make it your scalping den.
This will also help with disciple. In your trading space write down your trading rules on a note and stick them next to your monitor.
Before you start your trading, sit back and read the note several times, then tell yourself you MUST STICK TO THE RULES.

And that is it.

The key things for scalping are taking control of your broker, and taking control of yourself.
Master both of those and you will win. I can help you here with the broker and zero pips, only you can master yourself.