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Who Are You?

croftyThe name of the site tells you, obviously we are DayTradingSite.com. However, me, moi, the guy who is writing this, I’m called Carl Croft. Nice to meet you. I manage this here blog, and a few other trading related sites. I write good stuff on trading, with no fluff or nonsense mixed in. Trading has been my life for well over a decade, I still earn a decent crust from it, so I’ve earned my stripes and have more than the authority to preach.

I have no time for guru’s, I have no time for scams, I haven’t time for much really, apart from trading, writing, and my family. But I do have plenty time for people who read my beloved blog :). So get in touch, if you are brave enough.

Can We Contact You?

Yeah.. sure.. of course. As long as you have something to say. Don’t send a mail asking to guest post (you will be junked). Don’t send a mail asking me to teach you how to trade, you will find that information on the site. But you can send me a mail to stroke my ego, or to belittle me if you wish. As long as it’s loosely related to the content I write on this site.

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