February 19, 2013

Are You Over Trading?

As the name suggests, overtrading is simply a situation when you are day trading for an extended period of time. This is usually a case when a person makes profits on a continuous basis. It is in these times that you tend to get carried away. With a flush in success, you may not realize that you could lose everything, as a result of excitement which leads to overtrading.

over tradingThe interesting thing is that some traders who are making losses continue to trade, in the hope that they might hit the proverbial jackpot sooner rather than later. But, it’s always later for them!

So why must you not overtrade? The answer is pretty simple: There are pitfalls. What are they? Read On.

1. You don’t realize that you are overtrading

This is a really dangerous situation to be in. If you don’t know what you are up against or the consequences of what you are doing then you are in big trouble indeed. Amateurs beware! Consult veteran traders to avoid this pitfall and know how he or she overcame this problem.

2. Investing in numerous markets

While this is not something that is overtly bad, the specter of overtrading can rise pretty quickly in such cases. It’s not about showing courage and entering new markets without being properly aware of their success. Its stupidity! Commit your money to an entry only if you reasonably expect it to do well, in proportion to your investment.

3. Bring down your long term investment performance

You invest your money for one reason only, and that is to get the best returns on your investment. Overtrading can initially result in bringing your margins down and can lead to huge losses in the long run. So don’t get addicted to trading. Trust cold logic when you are trading and don’t give way to impulses. This is the primary cause of overtrading. The result can be detrimental to your success as a trader.

4. The rise of trading costs

Trading costs also include transactions costs. As you trade more frequently these trading costs rise. After some time, it might just get difficult for you to keep your head above water, and you will be digging deep into your monetary resources. The size of your investment portfolio might just contribute to the rising trading costs. Its best that once you realize this fact cut it back to manageable proportions.

5. Complications while calculating on paying your taxes

Over trading is a commission earner for the brokers and advisors. It also begets the tax office a large quantity of taxes. The reason is simple. Tax discounts are not available on shares that are sold within a year of purchase. So, as you go investing and divesting, your tax accountability continues to rise, and not to mention the headache of showing your capital gains and investments.

Hopefully, you have gained a little bit of insight into the pitfalls of overtrading when day trading, reading the few points listed above. Of course, the most important thing is to realize that you are!.

Carl Croft

Carl is an active trader of forex, stocks and commodities who mainly uses charting and candlestick strategies. An author on various trading websites and is admin here!.